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Myloweslife is an online human resource portal created by Lowes in the year 1946. If a user having an account in Myloweslide, he/she can manage all human resource works like inspecting timetables, e-mails related to jobs, benefits, company's information and its statements, retirement solutions, etc. The portal only allows the business professionals working in the same company and who has created an account in My lowes life.

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Significant steps to create account in Myloweslife

Anybody who is a part of this organization or somehow associated with the company can sign in Myloweslife portal. The nice thing about this service is it does not call for any enrollment process. The only thing required to get access to the portal is user's "sales number" and "password". The user has to contact the human resource of Mylowlife portal to collect sales number and password. Here are the following steps users need to consider while sign in to My lowes life Portal.

  • Users have to visit myloweslife.com on the browser. Once the Lowe's website opens, users can access to its attributes 
  • Now the user has to log in Myloweslife on the left-hand side of the page to get access to the account. Here, a user needs to submit his sale number and password to explore the human resource's work 
  • At last step of the login process, it will ask a user to pick one of the two choices; either part time or full time. Once a user selects either of two choices, it will ultimately bring him to Myloweslife account. 

Retrieving on Information Loss

If a user forgets his passwords, he can retrieve it back within a few minutes by doing the following steps:
  • In the main page of Myloweslife portal i.e. log in page, the user required to click on "Forgot Password" button rather than pressing the login button. 
  • On that page, user should provide a particular solution to the questions asked by My lowes life for safety and security of the account. 
  • Once the inquiry is properly addressed by the user, it will give additional guidelines to create a new password for the account 

Moreover, the previous employees of Lowes who used to work in the Lowes company before can also attain several benefits like eTrade, COBRA and Wells Fargo from the portal. For this, the ex-ones have to visit the link depicting 'are you a previous employee?'. Here, a user can acquire all products at ten percent discount rates. 

Myloweslife Account's Benefits

The current, as well as ex-employees that have account in loweslife, can perform numerous activities on the portal such as managing timetables, exploring jobs via emails, and Wells Fargo retirement solutions and other human resources statistics. Myloweslife allows a user to utilize their small-time taking efforts in business growth. Having asserted that, the employee should make certain decision that he possesses the vital capabilities as well as skills for the task he actually needs to take subsequently. Because it is a lot more worthwhile and also difficult, personnel members use for a particular venture setting.